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Pop-up weddings let Vancouver couples tie the knot for just ,200

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Pop-up weddings let Vancouver couples tie the knot for just $3,200

Tying the knot but don’t want to get all tied up with the hassle and cost of wedding planning?
In a city long known for its high cost of living, a Vancouver event planner is offering a budget-friendly option for couples looking to get married without breaking the bank: pop-up weddings.
Melissa Dubienski, owner of Cahoots Creative Happenings, said pop-up weddings are already popular in Australia and now the trend is popping up in B.C.
“It’s an alternative for non-traditional couples and just a different way to get married,” she told Metro. “Not everybody can afford the average $40,000 wedding, but they still want to have a beautiful day. That’s what this does.”
The concept is simple.
Four couples take turns exchanging vows in 90-minute time slots over the course of a day, sharing the cost of the venue, décor, music and photography. The bride and groom arrive with up to 10 guests, say their “I dos,” cut the cake, and pose for photos before the next couple takes their turn.
The cost? $3,200.
“It’s for non-traditionalists,” said Dubienski. “You’re not getting the full reception or anything, but at the end of the day, the wedding is just about you and your guy and the photos. You don’t have to deal with any of the stress of planning the day.”
Dubienski said pop-up weddings are also an ideal alternative for couples renewing their vows or getting married for the second time that don’t want to spend a fortune on the ceremony.

Vancouver couple Shereen Jamil and Jamie Jupp.

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Vancouver couple Shereen Jamil and Jamie Jupp.Vancouver couple Shereen Jamil and Jamie Jupp are one of the four couples tying the knot at the company’s first pop-up wedding ceremony at the summit of the Sea-to-Sky gondola on Aug. 22.
The young couple said they were nearly driven to elope when they realized how expensive it would be to plan their wedding after getting engaged in March.
“We were looking at other venue options, and literally the cheapest one we could find was $12,000,” Jamil said. “But this keeps things very simple and affordable.”
Without the option of a pop-up wedding, Jamil said she and her fiancé would have never been able to afford a venue at the summit of a mountain.
Although the pair is planning a separate reception for their guests in the restaurant at the top of the Sea-to-Sky gondola, which will cost extra, Jamil said the event is still significantly less expensive than a traditional wedding.
That means less stress and less of a risk getting into debt before starting their lives as a married couple, she said.
While she doesn’t think pop-up weddings are for everyone, Jamil said she believes the trend will take off in Vancouver where the high cost of living already makes it difficult for couples to pay rent, let alone plan their special day.
Jamil said many of her married friends are still struggling to get out of debt after their costly nuptials.
“My fiancé and I, we just want to be able to get a home and start a family and not have to be in debt after something that is so special,” she said. “This just works perfect for us.”
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